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Canary Section
 Best Canary in Show                                             W Frazer                      

 Best Border                                                             J Russell

     Best Gloster                                                             G Vaughan
     Best Norwich                                                            W Frazer
    Best Colour                                                              R Harrison
    Best Fife                                                                   W Frazer
    Best Irish                                                                  D Andrews

Champion Section

Best Border                                                              J Russell                                 
Best Flighted Border                                               J Furmage
Best Unflighted Border                                            J Russell
Best Gloster                                                             G Vaughan
Best Corona Gloster                                                G Vaughan
Best Fife                                                                   L Parker                                 
Best Flighted Fife                                                    L Parker
Best Unflighted Fife                                                 J Furmage

Novice Section

Best Novice Norwich                                               W Frazer
Best Flighted Norwich                                             W Frazer
Best Colour                                                              R Harrison                             
Best Flighted Colour                                                R Hasrrison

Best Unflighted Colour                                            R Harrison

Best Fife                                                                   W Frazer
Best Flighted Fife                                                    Clive & Chris Flowers
Best Unflighted Fife                                                 W Frazer

Best Irish                                                                   D Andrews

    Best Flighted Irish                                                    D Andrews
    Best Unflighted Irish                                                         D Andrews

British Mule & Hybrid Section


Best British Mule or Hybrid                                     L Beach    
Best Pure British                                                      L Beach

Novice Section

Best British Mule or Hybrid                                     L Beach                       
Best Softbill                                                              L Beach
Best Hardbill                                                             L Beach

Best CYB                                                                  L Beach

      Best Siberian                                                            R Harrison


Zebra & Bengalese Section

Best Zebra                                                                  G Vaughan                                       
Best Zebra Adult                                                         G Vaughan
Best Zebra C Y B                                                       G Vaughan

Novice Section

Best Zebra Adult                                                         G Vaughan
Best Zebra C Y B                                                       G Vaughan


Budgerigar Section

Best Budgerigar                                                          R Taylor
Best Opposite Sex                                                      J Burns
Best Breeder                                                               R Taylor
Best Opposite Sex Breeder                                          R Taylor

Champion Section

Best Budgerigar                                                          R Taylor
Best Any Age                                                             R Taylor
Best Opposite Sex Any Age                                        R Taylor
Best Breeder                                                               R Taylor
Best Opposite Sex Breeder                                          R Taylor

Intermediate Section

Best Budgerigar                                                          J Burns
Best Any Age                                                             J Burns
Best Opposite Sex Any Age                                        J Burns
Best Breeder                                                               J Burns
Best Opposite Sex Breeder                                          J Burns


Novice Section

Best Budgerigar                                                          M Milton
Best Any Age                                                             M Milton
Best Breeder                                                               M Milton
Best Opposite Sex Breeder                                          M Milton


Beginner Section

Best Budgerigar                                                          C & P O’connor                               
Best Any Age                                                             C & P O’connor
Best Opposite Sex Any Age                                        C & P O;connor
Best Breeder                                                               C & P O’connor
Best Opposite Sex Breeder                                          C & P O’connor



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